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"Just wanted to let you know that we are wrapping up our trip - we head home tomorrow, and most of the family left today. Everyone agreed it was a great experience. There was particular praise for the guide we had yesterday on our visit to Ypres. He was incredibly knowledgable and keen to share his enthusiasm with us. He gave us all a very thorough overview of the first World War, and much more. Thanks again for all your help, I certainly couldn't have done it without you. If we can raise the courage to do another Bar Mitzvah reunion tour for my youngest (in 2017) I will be calling on you again!" Ericka Jacobs, 2014

"Thank you for putting the one day paris trip together at the last minute. The guide was excellent and everything worked out well. My family had a great time and it was an experience they will remember for a lifetime. Thanks." Ken Gershenfeld, 2013

"We have only the highest recommendation to offer for European Jewish Heritage Tours. Our recent family trip to Paris was immeasurably enhanced by Rachel Kaplan and her fellow professionals, who not only made us feel welcome, but whose love of the city was infectious. Our observance of kashrut and Shabbat in a foreign environment was not only made effortless by their guidance, but it afforded us further insight and appreciation of the rich Jewish life found in the City of Lights. We look forward to future memorable vacations planned in concert with European Jewish Heritage Tours." Suri & Dave Kufeld, Great Neck, NY, 2012

Rachel Kaplan created European Jewish Heritage Tours—unique, private, luxury tours—to reflect her passion for Jewish history and heritage in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Rachel KaplanWith Rachel Kaplan's European Jewish Heritage Tours individuals and families can discover their heritage, through customized, private, guided tours of select monuments, memorials, museums and synagogues in Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Hungary and Turkey.

We are the only company in Paris offering customized Kosher Tours and travel experiences.

To reserve a tour or request tour information email European Jewish Heritage Tours at contact@europeanjewishtours.com or fill in our online Tour Request Form.

More than half a century after the Holocaust, both Jews and non-Jews, private citizens and government institutions, have worked to reclaim and restore Jewish heritage sites, and have built new ones dedicated to honouring the rich and complex history of European Jewish peoples. Our tours provide an opportunity to learn how Jews, not only shaped their own history in Europe, but how they made a mark on the continent through their talents in finance, art, literature, philosophy, science and politics. Through European Jewish Heritage Tours you will learn about artists of financiers such as the Rothschilds and the Camondos, artists from the School of Paris such as Chagall and Modigliani, as well as such figures as Karl Marx, Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka and Sigmund Freud.

Shiviti PlaqueWhile European Jewish Heritage Tours places special emphasis on Jewish sites and history, our guests can customize their tours to include other sites of interest described in our sister company, French Links Tours.

If you are interested in shopping, Rachel has created FrenchChicShopping.com, the only web-based universe that offers customized, luxury shopping tours for groups and individuals and a Red Carpet Concierge service that gives you unique access to boutiques, spas and designer showrooms. Rachel’s limited edition shopping guidebook and eBook, and her bimonthly newsletter are the ultimate source of shopping finds, tastemakers, and secrets of French art-de-vivre.


The benefits of choosing European Jewish Heritage Tours

  • We are the only private tour company organizing unique, private, luxury, customized tours to all major European countries where Jews have made their mark over the centuries. Our tours, which are conducted by local expert guides, show the well-known and lesser known Jewish sites, including museums, synagogues, cemeteries, Jewish centers of learning, as well as places where famous writers, artists and scholars made their mark.
  • We are open for business year-round, including on major international holidays. If guests wish to do walking tours on Saturdays or visit museums, our Gentile guides can pay for admissions and we can arrange for a kosher picnic lunch.
  • In addition to offering Jewish-themed tours in Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey, we also are able to offer secular tours around the art, history and culture of these countries. We also offer kosher ship-to-shore tours.
  • European Jewish Heritage Tours can organize kosher receptions and holiday celebrations, as well as weddings and bar and bat mitzvahs that cater to both Sephardic and Ashkenazi traditions.
  • We make kosher and non-kosher restaurant reservations and hotel recommendations. We can pre-book Shabbat dinners and lunches. We can also arrange for private kosher banquets, including on private boats for corporate events and weddings/bar mitzvahs.
  • We offer detailed travel itineraries to all guests - that include day-by-day programs, travel times, current art exhibition and other travel tips. The itineraries double as travel vouchers and are sent to every guest by Email for their final approval.
  • Our new travel consulting service offers detailed and customized itinerary planning. This includes suggested accommodations, bookings, train ticketing and car rental assistance, restaurant recommendations, private transportation with English-speaking local drivers, as well as tips on current events, museum exhibitions and hot new boutiques. The starting price for this service is 250€, a reasonable rate when you know what a successful trip entails.
  • While European Jewish Heritage Tours specializes in private tours with guides and chauffeur-driven limousines and minivans, we now offer a less expensive service featuring licensed driver/guides. We are making this service available in France, Great Britain, Italy, and other parts of Europe where it is feasible.
  • We offer the convenience of paying with a credit card on a secure server – using MasterCard, Visa or American Express.
  • We work only with trained, experienced guides, who are either university-educated native English speakers or French national guides who speak flawless English. Both have the people skills to make Americans and other English-speakers feel at home in France. Our multilingual guides also have fluency in Spanish, German and Russian.
  • We pride ourselves on our rapid response to queries, our organizational skills, and our ability to handle special or unusual requests – even at the last minute. For any questions that may arise, you can contact Rachel Kaplan or her assistant directly.

With European Jewish Heritage Tours, you are in charge. Our job is to make all your dreams come true.

European Jewish Heritage Tours is operated under license by Events and Company, a Paris-based company.